Milk Shake Delicate Permanent Color Oil

Milk_Shake delicate permanent colour oil...

60 shades of the newest technology... permanent hair color without "ammonia," with a complex of organic oils to increase shine and color retention, leaving hair more hydrated, healthy and soft. Elegant, translucent, natural-looking color with shine better described as gloss, and no offensive "ammonia" odor. Mixed equal parts, color and developer.

A 6.26oz /185ml bottle for multiple applications from a single container, meaning you possess not just the finest in permanent hair color, but professional hair color at reasonable price, as well.

NanoBioGenius Technology, a revolutionary discovery for health and hair beauty, is a patented system based on Nanotechnology, enabling the specific active ingredients present in the formulation to be changed into extremely small particles, encapsulating them in multi-layer nanospheres. This allows easy, fast penetration and intense, deep, long-lasting action. The hair is restructured, strengthened and moisturized, ensuring long-lasting shine and beauty and improved color stability.