Milk Shake Creative Permanent Color

creative permanent color 150ml / 5oz tube
oxidizing emulsion 10vol 33.8oz
oxidizing emulsion 20vol 33.8oz
oxidizing emulsion 30vol 33.8oz
oxidizing emulsion 40vol 33.8oz

...72 nuances in a color cream, with natural honey and milk proteins. A 5-ounce tube of translucent permanent hair color that is mixed 1 part color to 1-1/2 parts developer, making it economical to use , while its honey fragrance makes it a pleasure to apply. And the results? Impeccable!

Composed of 10 tonal series, 1 corrective series, 1 ultra blond series, and now available in the new "Natural Plus" series for enhanced gray coverage in levels 4 — 9! Furthermore, there’s a neutral booster which may be mixed with shades in order to increase their lifting ability, or to use as a mild bleaching gel.

Naturals: the 3 primary colors in the formula are balanced. It’s a neutral series, yet basically cool.
Exotic naturals are characterized by a perfect balance between golden and copper tones, resulting in neutral warm shades.
Sensual warms are characterized by a special mix of cool and warm tones, resulting in refined shades, rich, intense and vibrant.
Golds, Coppers, Reds, Ashes, blends... a complete pallet of colors for the discerning colorist.

NanoBioGenius Technology, a revolutionary discovery for health and hair beauty, is a patented system based on Nanotechnology, enabling the specific active ingredients present in the formulation to be changed into extremely small particles, encapsulating them in multi-layer nanospheres. This allows easy, fast penetration and intense, deep, long-lasting action. The hair is restructured, strengthened and moisturized, ensuring long-lasting shine and beauty and improved color stability.